9 Genius Ways to Hide A Home Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning can make life a little more pleasant on hot summer days. However, when it comes to that big, bulky air conditioning unit in your yard, there’s nothing pleasant about its appearance whatsoever.

Thankfully, you don’t have to keep it front and center. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can create a screen that will keep the A/C unit out of your line of sight, or at least distract from its unsightly utilitarian bulk.

1.  Install a lattice screen.

Latticework is a traditional outdoor shield and is often used around air conditioning units. This no-nonsense method of hiding your air conditioner is ideal because it’s simple, easy to install and provides great ventilation, which the unit needs to run efficiently.

In addition, lattice is a pretty easy option for installation and relocation, if necessary. Because it’s lightweight and easily transportable, you should be able quickly and easily pull back the lattice panels if a technician needs to access the unit for service or maintenance.

2.  Blend it in with your current fence.

If your yard is currently fenced, you can use an additional fence panel to block the unit from view. This option can be especially effective if you have a unit located on the side of your house. The unit-hiding panel will blend in perfectly with the remainder of the fencing and create an optical illusion of continuity.

This option works best with if you’re using a traditional privacy fence. Follow the same guidelines to install it as you would a regular fence, making sure to leave enough space around the unit for technicians to maneuver when making repairs or performing routine maintenance.

3.  Make it a work of art.

Just because you’re trying to downplay your air conditioning unit, that doesn’t mean you have to make your method of obscuring it plain and boring.

Instead, you may want to use this opportunity to flex your creative muscles and add a point of interest to your yard. Even plain boards or fencing can be dressed up with paint or with mosaics .


When you’re deciding what to use for this decorative option, keep in mind that your project will be exposed to the elements and that it needs to allow for unrestricted air flow to the machine.

4.  Surround it with greenery.

If you incorporate lush green plants throughout the area that surrounds your air conditioning unit, you should be able to camouflage your unit. If you partially enclose the unit with a short wall or one of the other options we’ve suggested, you could even hang traditional window boxes on it to bring a pop of color to the area..

One word of advice with this option: you’ll want to make sure you leave a little breathing room around the unit. Remember that your plants will grow, and you don’t want them tangling themselves into the unit’s fan or using their ever-expanding root system to break up the concrete your unit sits on.

If you’re not sure about your ability to keep the plants alive or to ensure they’re tamed, you may also want to consider faux foliage .

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It’s a low maintenance option that can shield your unit year round, rather than just hiding it during the flowering seasons.

5.  Multitask by building it into a shed.

If you are short on space in your yard, you can build a small storage shed and have it do double duty by housing your air conditioning unit at the same time. The shed can provide a convenient space for stashing gardening tools and other yard supplies.

If you choose to go this route, it’s important to ensure proper ventilation in the shed area. You’ll want to make sure your air conditioning unit has room to “breathe” and access to plenty of fresh air. And, since your shed won’t be airtight, you’ll also want to make sure the items you store there don’t require a waterproof space.

6.  Use a trellis and grow climbing plants around it.

Similar to a lattice, a trellis framework around your air conditioning unit can provide excellent ventilation. While both can include a grid with wide spacing for airflow, a trellis is specifically designed to train plants to grow .

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When using a trellis, you can ensure your plants don’t encroach on the unit and can also introduce a wider variety of growing options. For example, roses, ivies and other vines can easily be trained to grow over a trellis.

7.  Surround it with stone or brick.

Stone or brick can be great options for blending your unit into your home’s exterior. If you use a material that matches your home’s construction can create an optical illusion that makes it almost disappear.

However, even if your home isn’t made from these materials, a small stone or brick frame around your unit can still be a more attractive option than having the unit in plain sight. Again, with these less transportable options, it’s important to make sure you leave room for airflow and space for technicians who need to service the unit.

8.  Upcycle pallets for an eco-friendly shield.

One of the most affordable and eco-friendly options for hiding your air conditioning unit can be repurposing pallets. These sturdy wooden platforms are used for shipping large items and are often discarded after they’ve fulfilled their intended purpose. However, they can be used to create anything from furniture to art to … a hiding place for your home air conditioning unit.

By using pallets and a little DIY effort, you’ll be able to create a unique cover for your air conditioning unit. And, at the same time, you’ll be benefiting the environment and your budget.

9. Let Amazon do the work for you.

If you’re not up for building your own enclosure, the smartest and fastest way to hide your air conditioning unit from view is by letting the world’s biggest online retailer ship you exactly what you need to cover the space.

These vinyl panels, for example, can be assembled in minutes, are durable, washable and affordable. What more could you ask for?

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Your air conditioning unit does a lot for you. While it’s not necessarily a thing of beauty, being able to relax in a cool, comfortable home definitely makes it a joy forever.

If you’re thinking of enclosing your air conditioning unit, give us a call first. We can service the unit prior to your enclosure installation. And, we can make recommendations on spacing and materials to make sure you can shield your unit while at the same time giving your air conditioning unit the space and airflow it needs to be maximally efficient.