Find the Best Residential HVAC Contractors Near Me

When you need HVAC work done in your home, you don’t want just anyone doing it. This kind of work is often an investment in the comfort of your home, and most people want it done professionally. Though many people may say they’re capable of doing the work you need to be done, only a few in the area are capable of being called the best. With many years of experience serving the Pacific Northwest, Watts Heating and Cooling is proud to be considered one the of best in the area. Here are a few tips for finding the best residential HVAC contractors near you.

Inquire About Their Services

One way to know if you’re dealing with one of the best HVAC contractors near you is by looking into their practices. Anyone can attempt to install an HVAC unit, but the best contractors won’t only be concerned with selling you a product. They’ll also be passionate about increasing your air quality and providing you with an energy-efficient unit that will save you energy and money.

A good HVAC company will be working toward energy efficiency by offering energy-efficient products and services. Energy-efficient HVAC units last longer because they aren’t using as much energy to produce the same results. They also have the capability of saving you a lot on energy utility bills. These kinds of options help you much more than they help the HVAC contractors, and finding a business that is putting your needs first is a good sign that they’re a company you want to work with.

Air quality is another subject that should be discussed when you’re working with the best residential HVAC contractors. The air you breathe inside of your home has the potential to affect your health, depending on the quality. Because so much of an HVAC unit’s job has to deal with the air in your home, it’s important that air quality also be considered. Indoor air quality specialists can assess the air quality of your home and provide you with the air cleaners, humidifiers, and ventilators needed to correct unhealthy air circulation.

Ask Friends and Family

If you’re looking for the best residential HVAC company near you, a good place to start is with your friends and family who live locally. The people around you will give you the most honest answers about their experience with a company around you. If they are happy with the quality of work that they’ve received, then they will also be happy to pass that information along. Word of mouth is one of the most popular ways that people get business recommendations that they can trust, so your friends and family will likely be a big help with your search.

Ask for References & Reviews

When you’re going through potential HVAC contractors to give your business to, you’ll find that you have to speak to them directly. Going off of information on the internet can only get you so far, and speaking with someone in-person or over the phone can provide you with the specific answers you need.

During your meeting is a good time to request further proof of their professionalism and happy clientele by requesting references. These references will allow you to speak with other people who have worked with the company in the past and who can attest to the quality of their work. A good HVAC company will be happy to provide you with references when you ask for them.

You may also want to check the web for any reviews they’ve been given. People are able to give reviews on websites like Angie’s List, but you can also check a company’s business page or Facebook page to read these reviews as well. While not all reviews are accurate portrayals of the experience, reading a few can help to give you a better idea of what people have to say about working with a business.

Check for Licensure

When you’re looking for the best residential HVAC contractors near you, you’ll want to look for businesses that are properly licensed. Heating and cooling technicians have a lot of responsibilities on their hands when they perform the work that they do, including dealing with things like gas lines. For your peace of mind, and for that of the city and neighboring houses, proper licensure should be a requirement when you’re looking for heating and cooling experts.

Information on a prospective business’s licensure shouldn’t be too difficult to uncover. Many HVAC companies display their qualifications on their websites, where it’s easy for potential customers to view them. Watts Heating and Cooling proudly displays qualifications on the company website that include being part of the AGC, NATE, and ORACCA, among other qualifications. You can also easily access the license number for Watts and be provided with proof of being both a bonded and insured business.

Ask for a Written Estimate

Getting an accurate estimate can help you decide who you want to work with and if you’re being given a fair price. It also gives you an idea of how much of an investment you’ll have to make to have the best heating and cooling in your home. An estimate is an important part of the process for HVAC contractors, and the best contractors will be able to give you a written estimate before starting the work.

Anyone can make a guess at how much it will cost to complete the work you need completed, but a professional will know that each home requires a more in-depth look to provide an accurate estimate. Your HVAC unit will vary depending on the size and type of home you live in, as well as your heating and cooling expectations. The best HVAC contractors will examine your home in-person before recommended specific machinery that they think will do the best job of heating and cooling your home. A written estimate is specific to you and will aid you in the process of finding the best HVAC contractors in your area.