Residential Cooling Services

Living in Portland, you don’t need air conditioning every day of the year, but when the summer heats up, staying cool becomes a priority. Plan ahead this year and take advantage of our professional cooling services to make sure your home cooling equipment is fully functional, well-maintained, and energy efficient once the mercury begins to rise.

Residential AC Equipment Installation

air conditioning installation

Your combined home heating and cooling system is the biggest energy consumer of all your household appliances, so you should make sure it is properly installed for maximum energy efficiency. Our qualified HVAC installers have the knowledge and experience that it takes to maximize your family’s comfort while minimizing your energy usage. We install your new cooling equipment in keeping with our company’s own exacting standards because we understand that proper installation yields years of efficient and reliable cooling.

Home Cooling System Repair

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When it’s hot outside, an older cooling system has to work harder to keep your indoor environment comfortable. Overworked and worn-out equipment often needs emergency repairs. Don’t sweat it. Call us for 24 hours a day, seven days per week emergency repair services that will get your equipment up and running asap. Better yet, save time and money with a service agreement, which includes regular check-ups and proactive repairs. By working together, we can maintain your indoor environment at a consistently comfortable temperature without disruptive down time due to breakdowns.

Cooling System Maintenance


Get on our schedule for HVAC maintenance. Our service agreement includes two performance tune-ups per year that help us stay ahead of routine repairs. During these sessions, we clean equipment coils, check electrical connections and do maintenance checks. This helps your equipment operate more efficiently, minimizing pollutants in your air and keeping your energy bills lower. With a service contract with Watts, you save 10 percent on labor costs, and we even warranty our services for 30 days.

Upgrading/Replacing Your Cooling System

Innovations in the HVAC industry are ongoing, and the equipment available today is significantly more efficient than what we sold 10 years ago. If your cooling system is more than a few years out of date, you can benefit from upgrading or replacing it with Energy Star equipment. You will see a difference in your monthly utility bills as well as in the comfort level of your household.

Staying Cool in the Portland Region

You may think that in a moderate climate like we enjoy in Portland and the surrounding region, air conditioning is a luxury you can’t afford. However, when you consider the health benefits of keeping your indoor spaces at a consistent comfort level, you can see why it is an investment that makes sense for your family. From reducing your risk of dehydration to keeping allergens at bay, your cooling system plays a vital role in your family’s enjoyment of life. Submit our contact form or call us at Watts Heating and Cooling to take advantage of our residential cooling services today.