Residential Heating Maintenance

When it comes to keeping a happy home, there are some responsibilities that you can’t afford to leave on the back burner. Heating systems only do their jobs properly when you take care of them correctly, but it’s all too easy to forget about upkeep. Whether you’re just forgetful or super-busy, Watts Heating and Cooling makes it simple to keep up with the HVAC maintenance tasks that matter most.

What Goes Into Furnace and Heat Pump Maintenance?

Keeping a furnace or heat pump in peak condition is about more than just calling a professional whenever you have problems. Preventative performance tune-ups from Watts experts ensure that your system works and prepare you for rough weather ahead by:

  • Testing operating specs, like combustion efficiency, start and shutdown sequences, pressure levels, temperature differentials and thermostat calibration,
  • Inspecting passive components, such as electrical connections and vent piping,
  • Identifying and correcting leaks and other deficiencies,
  • Lubricating moving parts and adjusting safety controls, and
  • Cleaning motors, filters, heat exchangers and other precision devices that might operate less effectively when soiled.

These are just some of the perks you can expect from our top-to-bottom maintenance program. We firmly believe in the power of stopping small problems before they can grow into disasters. We’re proud to help you lower your energy bills, avoid unexpected repairs and protect the investments that you’ve worked so hard to afford.

When Should I Service My Heating System?

Each property is different. Your new home’s energy-saving insulation or siding may mean that you spend less money on heating, or your classic residence might demand a bit more attention. So where do you get started with heating maintenance? Always stick to a schedule that makes sense for you. For instance, if you know that Oregon’s winters hit your property especially hard, then you should perform proactive major maintenance before the seasons reach their coldest. You should also get a checkup at the end of the cold season so that you can prepare for a proper system shutdown and prevent any issues from cropping up next year. Heating system maintenance can improve your outlook on life by helping you enjoy your home to the fullest. The real challenge is finding an upkeep plan that you can depend on. Find out why so many people place their faith in Watts Heating and Cooling service agreements by scheduling your HVAC maintenance today.