Residential Heating

Portlanders may only see snow and extreme cold every once in a while, but don’t let that fool you: The constant moisture and overcast skies can definitely chill your bones. Fortunately, there are plenty of residential heating options that make it easy to create the kind of Portland experience that you prefer. At Watts Heating and Cooling, we’re confident that we can help you get started off on the right foot.

Our Heating Services

We pride ourselves on doing it all. Heating systems don’t always perform the way their owners expect them to, and if you’re unprepared, you might find yourself caught off guard at the worst possible moment. Why not keep your household ready for anything with our comprehensive services? We’re always here to help you ensure that your heating devices are in flawless working order, and thanks to our maintenance plans, it’s never been simpler to perform cost-effective upkeep. We can help you tackle everything including:

Residential Heating Products

There are many different ways to heat a home, and each property is unique. To maintain the kind of environment that you like, it’s critical to identify heaters and HVAC components that actually match your residence. We’ve partnered with a range of trustworthy heating product providers to ensure that you always have good options. Thanks to our broad selection of devices, it’s simple to upgrade any old home with a modern, energy-efficient heating device that adds lasting value to the property. We’re also experts at matching proprietary components, so fixing rare hardware is never a challenge. Thinking about building a new home in Portland? Or maybe you just are wanting to upgrade your current system. Either way, we have a wide range of products to serve you including:

Bringing Superior Heating to Homes in Portland

Life is good in Portland, but not when you can’t depend on your climate control appliances. Sadly, this is the case for all too many locals. Working with a trusted HVAC contractor is the best way to get the most from your heating systems. Watts Heating and Cooling offers a proven track record that you can depend on to ensure that your home stays just the way you like it no matter what Portland’s fickle weather is doing. Call us today or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch!