Supply Chain Update–Furnaces & Air Conditioners Back in Stock

We have an exciting supply chain update for our customers! While it has been a challenging time for the HVAC industry and those we serve due to the global supply chain shortage, we are doing everything we can for our customers. After months of working to source HVAC components, we are pleased to say that we now have inventory of furnaces and air conditioners ready for installation.


If your furnace requires replacement, and you weren’t able to get a new system last year, we thank you for your patience as we worked to source units. As of now, Watts has furnaces for our customers, and we encourage you to take advantage of this supply. Alternately, if your furnace needs maintenance or repair, we currently have availability to diagnose and fix your unit. Please don’t wait until next fall to think about replacing, repairing, or maintaining your furnace, especially if you struggled to keep your home comfortable this winter.


Last summer’s heat wave saw us running out of air conditioning units as our customers scrambled to stay cool. There’s no telling if this summer will be as hot or if the demand for air conditioners will be as high, but we encourage you not to wait and find out. Right now, we have air conditioning units, and you have the opportunity to ensure your home stays comfortable all summer long. If you have a newer unit, now is also a great time to schedule an appointment for air conditioning maintenance or repair and make sure your system is running efficiently–before the summer season starts.


Thank you for your continued support as we navigate supply chain challenges together. Providing our customers with above and beyond heating and cooling services is our mission every day. We hope that this supply chain update is helpful, and if there is anything you need, Watts is here to help.