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UV Light Air Purifiers

When it comes to indoor air quality and protecting your family’s health, HVAC maintenance certainly helps, but at Watts, we also recommend using a modern and highly effective technology—such as UltraViolet lights for HVAC systems–that performs year-round.

Watts Heating & Cooling specializes in ultraviolet (UV) light sanitization. UV-C light, found on the ultraviolet spectrum, is effective in eliminating the growth of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Unlike other methods of disinfection, bacteria and other microbes won’t build up a tolerance to ultraviolet light. By adding UV lights to your HVAC system, you can breathe easier knowing your air is being disinfected throughout the day, without the use of harsh chemicals.

In HVAC systems, ultraviolet light kills bacteria and mold growing on your indoor coil before they are circulated throughout your home. UV lamps are installed near your existing indoor coil and work diligently to rid your home of the bacteria, viruses, mold, and germs that impact your health. Watts’ experienced technicians will determine if one or two lights per indoor coil will be effective before providing efficient installation services.

Enjoy improved indoor air quality by adding UltraViolet lights to your home’s HVAC system! Contact the home team today to schedule your installation, and get ready to enjoy the benefits.

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