What Commercial HVAC Services Does Watts Offer?

If you own a commercial building, you have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to make sure your plans for profit are running smoothly, but you also need to take good care of your building and those who occupy it. One of the biggest ways you can make sure you’re doing that is through a quality heating and cooling system, also known as an HVAC system. In case you’re wondering who can help you with your HVAC system, let’s just say you’ve come to the right place.

Our team at Watts Heating & Cooling is proud to offer numerous commercial HVAC services to those local to Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. We’re able to install, maintain, and service HVAC units of all shapes and sizes. That includes emergency repair services too. So, if you’re considering having an HVAC system installed or replaced, we’d love to lead you in the right direction.

There are plenty of ways to heat and cool your building to make sure it’s at the perfect temperature all year round. You can bring in large systems like boilers, or you can keep your space free of heavy equipment by having a rooftop unit installed. You can decide which will work best for your building, but first, you’re going to want to know which options are available to you so you can make the right decision.

Are you wondering which type of HVAC system you should get in your commercial building? We can help you out with that. Here are a few of the units and services that we can provide for you.


Installation & Repair

When trying to heat larger buildings, such as schools, apartment buildings, or hospitals, many building owners choose a boiler to do the job. A commercial boiler works by burning combustible fuel or using electricity inside of a pressurized system. It produces either steam or hot water that is distributed through pipes, which allow it to heat the building.

Watts can install this type of heating system inside of your commercial building or service your already-installed boiler should there be a problem with it. If you’re installing a boiler for the first time, make sure you have enough space inside your building for your boiler.

Rooftop units

Installation & Repair

If you’re looking to effectively cool a large commercial building (without using up indoor space), a rooftop unit is a great option. This unit, also known as a package unit, has the capability of both heating and cooling large commercial spaces. This option usually comes with multiple units, can control the humidity of a space, and will increase ventilation within your building. It does all of this without taking up space inside the building. With the help of a professional, rooftop units could be the right choice for you.

Split systems

Installation & Repair

Split system installation and repair are another commercial HVAC service we offer at Watts Heating & Cooling. Unlike a rooftop unit, split systems have both indoor and outdoor components. This system is often seen in residential buildings but can also be used for commercial sites. They have the option to be ductless, and they’re more flexible when it comes to placement. Though they have some advantages, their indoor components often make them a bit noisier than rooftop systems.

Exhaust and Supply Fans

Installation & Repair

Both exhaust and supply ventilation systems can be installed and repaired by our HVAC technicians. Depending on your building’s needs, either an exhaust or supply fan could be a good option—especially if your commercial building is a bit smaller.

Supply fans work by pressurization: they take air into the building causing positive pressure and then equalizes by forcing excess air out. Exhaust fans work by depressurizing, that is, first forcing air out and bringing air inside to equalize the pressure. They can also vary in size and in the material they’re made of. Though they work in different ways, both can effectively heat and cool your commercial building.


Installation & Repair

Chillers are another one of the systems that Watts can install and repair. They work by transferring heat from one area to another by changing the physical state of refrigerant to create the desired temperature. These units are often very large and therefore able to control the temperature of large buildings such as warehouses.

Temperature Control Systems

Installation & Repair

When managing a commercial space, it’s your duty to ensure the space stays at a comfortable and consistent temperature all day. That task becomes a lot easier when you have a temperature control system. With this tool, you can adjust the temperature inside the building to best suit the needs of the people inside, no matter what their temperature preference. Having a temperature control system installed will provide more convenience to the task of maintaining temperature in your commercial space.

VAV Systems

Installation & Repair

A VAV system (variable air volume) differs from other heating and cooling methods because it uses a variable air volume box. This system works well because it varies the air flow in the room, unlike other units that provide constant air flow, allowing it to create a more specific temperature if desired. The air is distributed through a duct system, which is sometimes large, but very capable of heating and cooling your building properly.

Walk-Ins and Freezers

Installation & Repair

If you own a commercial business that requires the use of a walk-in or freezer, you know how important it is for the unit to be in working condition at all times. A walk-in refrigerator malfunction can cost business owners a lot of money if their merchandise thaws and becomes unusable. Watts can service your walk-in with ease by quickly correcting issues.

Knowing who to call when your HVAC needs to be serviced or installed can help you fix your issue that much faster. Each small component of your unit requires knowledge and understanding to service it correctly. Watts Heating & Cooling can provide all of the above commercial HVAC services and more in the Portland, Oregon, area.

At Watts, we have the qualifications to get the job done right, including being a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer and having North American Technician Excellence and ORACCA certifications. You’ll know your building and HVAC unit are in good hands when in the care of our technicians and experts at Watts Heating & Cooling.