Why You Should Trust AC Installation To The Experts

We live in the age of DIY.

From watching Chip and Joanna Gaines restore Waco’s homes to reviewing YouTube tutorials on anything under the sun, it’s easy to start thinking you can take on all your own home renovations and repairs to save a little money.

However, there’s one job you should definitely not take on, and that’s installing your own air conditioner. Because of the complexity and expense of this particular home project, it’s best to leave air conditioner installation to the experts.

How can an expert ensure a good air conditioner installation and why is their help necessary?

When you work with an expert, you’ll receive certain assurances along the way, things that will give you peace of mind and efficiency throughout the life of the unit.

Receive guidance from the start

Your air conditioner installation begins long before you begin the actual physical process. By working with a knowledgeable company, you’ll receive guidance through the entire process.

Your installer can evaluate your home and determine which unit is the best fit and will be the most efficient in cooling your home. In addition, they ensure your ductwork is in good condition so they can eliminate any potential efficiency issues.

Safeguard your investment

From a hardware perspective, an air conditioner is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you’ll purchase for your home.

You may think that you can cut down on costs by installing the unit yourself; however, if you make a mistake or cause damage, you’ll lose your warranty. That means you’ll have no recourse for the issue other than purchasing an entire new unit (and probably paying additional costs to have a professional install the second time around).

Your biggest investment is probably your home, and trying to do an amateur air conditioner install could potentially damage your home as well. Part of the installation process includes drilling holes capable of handling the weight of your air conditioning unit; if you drill incorrectly, you risk damaging your property as well as the unit.

And, to add insult to injury, if you make a mistake during your DIY install, you may void the warranty on your air conditioning unit. In comparison, when you work with a professional, they may provide an additional warranty coverage to guarantee their work.

Save money in the long run

The upfront costs of air conditioning installs can be difficult to swallow. However, a proper, professional install will generate savings that extend for years, throughout the life of the machine.

If your air conditioning unit is installed incorrectly, your energy costs can increase by as much as 30%. On the other hand, a professional installation maximizes efficiency and can reduce your costs.

Even if you have some knack for doing home improvement projects, a lack of familiarity with this particular type of equipment installation can lead to these costly issues.

The level of precision required to maximize your unit’s efficiency makes this a task that’s not well-suited to a DIY undertaking. For example, your duct fittings can look perfect to the average person and yet still leak, reducing the efficiency of your air flow.

And, while it may be expensive to pay for your air conditioner installation upfront, there’s one thing that’s even more frustrating: investing your time and sweat into completing the installation on your own, then still having to pay someone to come out and make changes to your work.

Ensure your safety

Accidents happen, especially if you’re taking on a project that’s bulky, complicated and unfamiliar. When you’re working with an air conditioning unit, there are various factors involved that the average person doesn’t usually deal with.

  • Electricity: Jobs that involve electricity should always be handled with care. Electrocution is one of the most common injuries that can occur when DIYing a project and can be serious or fatal. If you’re not intimately familiar with handling these electrical systems, it’s best to leave the technical work to a professional.
  • Chemicals: Your air conditioning unit includes chemicals that are used to treat the air. Handling these can be hazardous to your health and this task is best left to a professional who is knowledgeable about the proper way to handle them or discard them without causing harm to themself, other people or the environment.
  • When you’re working in an unfamiliar space, you’re more likely to get hurt as well. Installing your air conditioning unit could entail climbing into an attic or squeezing in an under-house crawl space. Trying to maneuver these spaces and move large, heavy pieces of equipment can be a recipe for disaster and is better left to a team of professionals.

Bottom line: Working with air conditioning professionals is safer and more cost-effective. When you work with our Watts Heating and Cooling team, we’ll provide support and expertise from start to finish, helping you select a unit, install it properly and maintain it over the course of its life. Contact us today and let’s get you on the road to a cooler, more comfortable home.